Tank Vacuuming

We at the Showerman have, over the past number of years, introduced a new service of cold water storage tank vacuuming to our business.

We provide TANK VACUUMING as a direct response to the conditions that we find in homes all over several counties. We find that dirty / stagnant water is present in peoples cold water storage tanks and rubbish has often accumulated there over a period of many years.
Recently we were asked to re-clean a storage system by a very diligent guest house owner who only wants the best for his guests. We got quite a surprise when we discovered the amount of dirt present again as we had only cleaned the cold water storage tank system there 2 years previously, and we had covered them on our last visit.

The water from your cold water storage tank is the water you brush your teeth with, rinse out your mouth with, and some even take a wee glass to bed (NICE).

We took some photos of our most recent visit to a beautiful new house approx 3 years old.

Please have a look and contact us if you would like us to clean your cold water storage tank.